Renewable Resources

Learn where renewable resources come from and why we use them

Renewable resources are a major aspect of our future as a species. As a renewable asset, wind and sun can never be drained like non-renewable assets. Winds are caused by rotation of the earth, heating of the atmosphere by sun, and earth’s surface irregularities. We can harness wind and solar energy and use it to generate power as long as the sun shines and wind blows. The expense of delivering wind energy has dropped fundamentally lately, and as it becomes more popular with the general population, it will just continue to be cheaper. But can we make a shift with our current energy use from primarily fossil fuels to 100% renewable energy? We build wind turbines and solar farms using fossil fuels?, We cannot get 100% renewable energy if the machines that deliver renewable energy are made with fossil fuels. And, that is only replacing the energy we use for power generation and transportation.  What about plastics, rubber, consumer goods and fertilizers?  We still need to move forward in our evolution away from fossil fuels, but we aren’t there yet.