With Clothing

Facts to Consider with Clothing:

  • It takes about 70 million barrels of oil just to produce virgin polyester, the number one fabric used in “fast fashion”.
  • Polyester isn’t biodegradable, and every piece of polyester ever manufactured is still on the planet today.
  • 2 billion pairs of jeans are produced every year, and the typical pair takes 1,850 gallons of water to produce.
  • It takes 713 gallons of water to make just one t-shirt – that’s the amount of water an average person drinks over the course of 900 days!
  • The average American throws away approximately 70 lbs. of clothing per year instead of recycling or donating those clothing items.
  • It is estimated that only 15% of all used clothing in America ends up in resale stores.

What YOU can do

  • Shop
    • Resale, consignment, or vintage!
  • Invest
    • Well-made clothing pieces may cost more but will last longer and typically require a smaller carbon footprint to produce.
  • Buy
    • Natural fabric such as linen, wool, hemp, and cashmere