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Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuels play a major role in our lives and in our technological advancements. They will continue to do so until we find reliable and affordable replacements. Much of what drives the need for fossil fuels goes beyond just heating our homes and driving our cars. It’s the soap, perfumes, plastic drinking cups, medical supplies, cell phones, sporting equipment and car seats. Without all these things, and many more, life would be very different. Understand how fossil fuels make everyday life better today!

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Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is a vital and growing industry. Its long history has taken us from ancient times of watermills for crushing grain to today’s large wind turbines dotting open plains and shorelines. While renewable resources are not new, advancement of technology in renewable energy is needed to keep up with demand. There are more people on earth today than there has ever been in history. With more people, our energy needs are rapidly increasing. Learn about the technologies used today to harvest renewable resources of energy.

Renewable Advances

New Advances

New advances in energy production are developed every day. The biggest challenge is getting them to market and making them safe, reliable, and affordable. According to MIT’s Technology Review, renewable energy resources available today can’t meet the world’s energy demands even if they’re scaled aggressively. We need all forms of energy, but no form of energy is without objection.   All energy comes at a cost and each form has its own benefits. If we are to keep pace with our own progress, then we need your help. Sign up today to either donate or start a chapter in your area!

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