Almost everything we do or consume in a given day is fossil fuel based!

And that is only part of the equation. The products we use, the way we shop and our everyday activities also impact water use, land use and the amount of waste we generate. If we want to change our impact on the planet, and our consumption of fossil fuels, we have to look at doing things differently.

Join us as we take a journey to explore the footprint of everyday products and activities. Each week, we will look at “the footprint” of what it takes to get products to your door or local store along with one or two ways you could reduce that footprint. Then follow us on social media and let’s get the conversation started! In what ways have you already reduced your footprint around that item or activity? What new ideas do you have for ways to reduce, reuse or recycle common items? Help us start a positive and collaborative discussion about everyday products and activities. If we work together we can have a cumulative effect on the planet!


What do we do?

Energy360 is here to share new and different ways to think and talk about energy and discover how changing even the smallest behaviors can have a positive impact on our future, our lives and our planet. Please join us on this journey and become part of the movement in identifying your energy appetite and becoming energy fit!