The production and burning of fossil fuels is the main focus of what needs to change, but what about our own everyday habits? Ninety-six percent of everything we do everyday is fossil fuel based.  This includes far more than driving our cars and heating our homes.  What about the clothes you wear, the food you eat, the toys you buy your kids or the online shopping you do?   They all require fossil fuels. The article below talks about the rise in Chinese consumption and the effects it may have globally.  Yet, predictions are that by 2020, Americans will spend approximately $15 TRILLION dollars on consumer goods.  By comparison, in 2020 it is estimated that the Chinese will spend $6.5 trillion.  China has four times as many citizens but we will outspend them by more than double.  What impact are our everyday habits having on the carbon emissions?  What changes can you make today?

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