Energy Wise Quiz

Are you energy fit? Take our quiz and find out!

Answer the following questions by choosing the one that most often describes you and your daily living habits. Ninety-six percent of our daily lives involves fossil fuels in one way or another.

Our quiz is designed to help you think about daily activities that you wouldn’t normally associate with fossil fuels. Add up your score at the end and find out your fitness level!

1. My normal diet consists of:

A: I love my Paleo diet and eat meat everyday

B: I like to switch it up and have a variety of proteins, with meat usually being 3x’s a week or less

C: I love my fruits and veggies and supplement them with grains, beans and nuts.  I rarely if ever eat protein.

2. When I leave the house in the morning:

A: I keep everything in my home plugged in – lamps, coffee maker, computers, hair dryers – I like the convenience

B: I keep most things plugged in, but not the items I use infrequently

C: I only plug items in when I am using them

3. When I feel like getting some exercise:

A: I am a gym rat and I like my exercise indoors where everything is light and temperature controlled and I have all the machines

B: I like being outdoors to exercise, but will use the treadmill on those days when the weather isn’t cooperating

C: I only exercise outside, no matter the weather, and go where my feet take me!

4. When I hydrate:

A: I always forget my water bottle, so just buy a bottle at the gas station when I am out and happen to be thirsty

B: I believe in always being hydrated and carry my own water bottle with me everywhere.  I will occasionally buy a bottle of water if mine is empty and there is no place to fill it up.

C: I don’t trust the water in my home.  I have a water filtration system and fill my own bottles so I always know I am getting quality water.  I almost never buy water when I am out. 

5. When I shop for food:

A: I buy the fruits and vegetables that I like and are on sale no matter what the season or how far they have travelled to reach the store.

B: If I want something that isn’t really in season or want fruits and vegetables that will last longer in my fridge, I buy frozen.  Frozen is often better as it is on the vine longer.

C: I only eat fruits and vegetables that are in season and grown locally.

6. When it comes to technology:

A: I dig technology!  I must have the latest and greatest.

B: I live in the real world and use it for work or because it is convenient, but I do not have the most up to date

C: If I didn’t need a computer or cell phone for work, I wouldn’t have one

7. When I am getting dressed for work or for a night on the town:

A: I like to be stylish!  I buy inexpensive clothes that are the latest style knowing I can get more looks per season.  I rarely donate them as they were inexpensive to begin with and, after one season, they look too worn to give away.

B: Designer labels are my thing.  I buy high quality items that are classics and last for years.  When I am done wearing them, I send to a consignment shop or donate them to a local charity.

C: I like looking good, but believe in buying clothes that are only made from sustainable materials such as hemp, linen, wool or silk.  The style may only last a season, but I make sure they have a good home when I am done wearing. 

8. When I stumble downstairs first thing to make the coffee:

A: I love my individual pod coffee maker and the variety of options I have – coffee, tea, hot cocoa – everyone gets to choose what they want!

B: I like my plain old coffee pot and if I want tea, I have a tea kettle.  I grind the beans every morning and my tea comes in bags that are individually wrapped.

C: I prefer a coffee press.  Simple, easy and makes me feel very international.  And I can easily compost the grounds!  Tea?  I buy it loose and steep it in a tea pot with a strainer.  Reminds me of my trip to Ireland!

9. For my morning commute: 

A: I hop in the car and hope I can find a spot to park.  I love driving by myself as it gives me time to listen to music or a new book on CD.

B: I enjoy the local carpool group or taking mass transportation.  It is easy, less expensive and I get to meet new people!

C: I ride my bike or walk to get in some extra exercise.  When the weather won’t cooperate, I hop on the bus or grab a ride with a friend.

10. When buying things for the family:

A: I love the Costcos and large retailers of the world.  Great selection and I usually save money.

B: I try to shop at my local markets, but sometimes that WalMart is just so convenient.

C: I love farmers markets and small markets that purchase and sell local goods.  I love supporting the small business owners in my community and appreciate that the products don’t have to travel as far. 

11. When heading out of town:

A: I love to travel anywhere and routinely look for deals where I can jet off someplace new, even for a long weekend.

B: I love to travel, but also like exploring where I live.  I fly away a couple of times a year, but balance it out with several shorter “staycations”. 

C: I like to save up my vacation time and plan one trip per year so I can stay longer at my final destination.

12. When getting dinner ready for the family:

A: I buy good quality paper plates that will not collapse under the weight of the food.  Quick and easy and it certainly makes cleaning up a breeze!

B: I like setting the table and have fun dinnerware that the kids painted.  I rarely use paper plates or plastic utensils unless we are eating outside or on a picnic.

C: I enjoy changing it up.  I have several different place settings, including reusable plastic plates and silverware for those special nights on the patio or at the park.  And I have trained the family to do the dishes!


For each question where you answered “A”, give yourself 1 point

For each question where you answered “B”, give yourself 2 points

For each question where you answered “C”, give yourself 3 points


1-12: “Couch Potato” – I didn’t realize the footprint of some of my everyday choices.  I definitely see room for improvement! 

13-24: “Weekend Warrior” – I generally try to be energy conscious, but am always looking for ways to do things differently.

25-36: “Triathlete” – I try to be a conscious consumer and am always looking for new ways to decrease my footprint.