Meet Lisa Hamil, President of Energy360

As President of Energy360, Lisa is working with other energy professionals to help consumers understand complex world of energy and the impact energy has on our everyday lives.  She is assembling a group of individuals with diverse backgrounds who collectively have spent decades dealing with the logistical, political and economic issues associated with energy.  Her goal is to help uncover the misinformation surrounding energy and to help individuals and businesses see the connections between energy and consumerism. 

Now the president of a membership driven organization, Lisa’s inspiration is knowing that her work makes a difference. She is working to establish a rating system that encompasses rigid standards for a future “Footprint Certification”.   The certification will help consumers truly understand the footprint of the products they are purchasing, while not just relying on companies claims that their products are “green” or “sustainable”.  

When not working, she teaches the “Life Cycle of Oil and Natural Gas” class through the Global Energy Management Program at the University of Colorado at Denver, is a board member of the Denver Petroleum Club, AAPL member, DAPL member and active on the Education and Advocacy committee.